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Gum Disease

TopProfessional Periodontal Therapy in Pleasanton, CA

Gum Disease Facts & Information

Pleasanton Ca Dental Crowns and Bridges Dental x-rays will be taken to check the condition of the bone that supports your teeth. A thorough examination of your oral cavity will be done measuring the pockets under the gums surrounding your teeth to determine which periodontal treatment(s) your gum condition requires.

Gum Disease Treatment

Pleasanton Ca Dental Crowns and Bridges Treatment for gum disease involves removing the bacterial substance known as plaque, which is the principal cause of gum disease and calculus, which is an accumulation of hard deposits on the tooth above or below the gingival margin. The treatment involves scaling which uses ultrasonic and hand instruments to remove calculus, plaque, and bacteria; curettage which scrapes away any necrotic (dead) tissue and cleans the area or pocket, and root planing which smoothes and contours the root surface to remove the debris and cementum found in the periodontal pocket. Medications or a special mouth rinse to help control the growth of bacteria can help your treatment.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Pleasanton Ca Dental Crowns and Bridges Benefits of Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment, include but are not limited to the following: Create a clean environment in which your gums can heal; reduce the chances of further irritation and infection; make it easier for you to keep your teeth clean; and decrease the cost of replacing teeth lost due to gum disease.

TopContinuing Your Treatment

Your Continued Efforts

Pleasanton Ca Dental Crowns and Bridges The success of the treatment depends in part on your efforts to brush and floss daily, receive regular cleaning as directed, follow a healthy diet, avoid tobacco products and follow proper home care. A topical or local anesthetic may be administered depending on the sensitivity of the area to be treated.

As your gum tissues heal, they may shrink somewhat, exposing some of the root surface. This could make your teeth more sensitive to hot or cold, which will typically resolve on its own or with the help of toothpastes for sensitive teeth.

Follow Up for Additional Treatment

Pleasanton Ca Dental Crowns and Bridges Depending on your current dental condition, existing medical problems, or medications you may be taking, these methods alone may not completely reverse the effects of gum disease or prevent further problems. Your gums will be evaluated 6 weeks following the periodontal treatment and at that time Dr. Kitagawa will determine if you will need further treatment or a referral to the periodontist (gum specialist).