Benefits of Mouthwash

Benefits Of Mouthwash

Benefits Of MouthwashTo keep your dental visits down to the standard recommendation of two per year, Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton, California highly recommends that every patient takes advantage of the daily benefits of mouthwash. Our team of dental professionals aims for you to experience superior oral care both inside the office and at home, which is why we encourage a daily oral rinse.

Keep Your Smile Healthy

We all know the power of a vibrant, healthy smile–and we are all aware the equal power of a mouth full of damage and decay. The use of mouthwash in addition to brushing and flossing creates a highly effective regimen that promotes healthy teeth and gums while warding off damaging bacteria that can collect throughout the day.

Benefits Of Mouthwash

Fights Cavities

You can reduce the chances of cavity formation by using a daily oral rinse that includes fluoride as an ingredient. The use of fluoride protects and strengthens tooth enamel, making you less likely to develop cavities.

Reduces Risk Of Gum Disease

Antimicrobial mouthwashes specially formulated to kill bacteria in the mouth are a powerful weapon in the fight against gingivitis-causing bacteria.

Kills Germs

The antiseptic action of mouthwash means your mouth becomes an inhospitable environment for the millions of bacteria that can thrive within.

Limits Plaque Build Up

Because of the antiseptic capabilities in most mouthwashes, the soft, sticky film (known as plaque) that builds up on your teeth can be prevented from forming.

Other Uses For Mouthwash

  • Reduces Bad Breath
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Mouthwash For Sensitive Teeth

There are countless formulations for over-the-counter oral rinses, from the germ-fighting to the enamel-strengthening. However, other benefits can be significant to many. Minty flavor mouthwash or germ killing rinses can prove useful in reducing bad breath. Mouthwash with whitening agents or ingredients can help whiten teeth. Finally, there is even specially formulated mouthwash for people with sensitive teeth, gums, and nerves.

Comfortable Dental Care

Gateway Dental Care invites you to visit our Pleasanton, California office to discover further ways to keep your teeth, gums, and mouth in superior shape. With an emphasis on quality oral care and a gentle, comforting touch, we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable a dentist visit can be!

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