For tooth shaping in Pleasanton, visit Gateway Dental Care. If you want to change the entire appearance of your teeth and smile, tooth shaping or enamel shaping is a simple solution to consider.  Our office has the latest equipment to perform this procedure. You will be happy with your smile, no matter how much (or little) shaping has to be done on your teeth.

Benefits Of Tooth Shaping

Tooth ShapingThere are many instances where you might want to consider shaping instead of a more invasive cosmetic procedure. If you have a tooth or a few teeth that are not even in length, or if you have a few teeth that are misshapen, this procedure is a quick and simple solution to the problem. If you have chipped a tooth, and do not want to have veneers or other more invasive techniques performed, the shaping procedure is also a simple fix to the problem. If you grind your teeth, and have worn down the enamel on a few of your teeth, this procedure can also help recreate the overall appearance of your teeth, and length, to help bring your teeth to a level field.

Enhance Your Appearance

It doesn’t matter how old you are, with this procedure you can have a new smile, and an entirely different appearance. It does not matter how your teeth look when you first visit our office, when you leave you are going to see a great change, and a great improvement, when you compare the before and after photos in our office.

Call For An Appointment

If you have questions about cosmetic shaping, visit our office and speak to a highly trained staff member. You can set up an appointment to discuss how long it will take to get the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted, and what the procedure is going to entail. Visit our office for tooth shaping in Pleasanton, to help reshape the appearance of your teeth and create a much finer appearance when you smile.

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