Family Dental Care

Family Dental Care

If you’re looking for a family dentist in Pleasanton, Gateway Dental provides a wide range of services including cosmetic, sedation and pediatric dentistry. Keeping up with a family’s oral care can be challenging; in many cases, parents and children are forced to visit different dentists who will address their specific needs. Not only can this be a financial strain, but setting up appointments with a variety of dentists can be confusing and taxing on your schedule. Gateway Dental Care has the knowledge and experience to assist your family with a stress-free dental visit.

Dental Care For The Entire Family

Pleasanton Family Dental

Our trained staff is prepared to treat patients of any age range. Unlike other dentists, our staff can provide the entire family with dental treatment and care right from the same office. With our easy family dental care, you can schedule appointments for everyone on the same day and with the same dentist. Our family dentist is prepared to work with patients two-years and older, and is able to address almost any issue or problem.

Something For Everyone

Not only does Gateway Dental Care offer regular oral services such as cleaning, but we also provide a wide variety of different treatments such as tooth whitening, periodontal treatment, and cosmetic dentistry. Whether you want to resolve a major oral problem or just have your teeth examined, our staff is prepared to meet all of your needs, providing you with a healthy and beautiful smile.

Emergency Visits

Our family dental care staff realizes that emergencies often happen outside of business hours. Unlike other many other dentists, we offer around-the-clock emergency dental care. From chipped teeth to gum problems, help is only a phone call away. Having 24/7 care not only eliminates the worry about where to go when emergencies arise, but it also provides children and panicking adults a chance to receive treatment in a familiar, comfortable environment.

Anxiety Free Dentistry

Regardless of age, many people find themselves frightened of certain dental procedures. Our office will work with each patient to alleviate their fears by explaining each procedure thoroughly. In some cases, we will give patients the comfort option of receiving nitrous gas or gentle oral sedation. With our ability to work with individual patients, we can make even the most frightening visit a good experience.

Call Us Today

We’re a family dentist in Pleasanton and can work with your entire family to ensure optimal oral health. At Gateway Dental Care, we work with all ages and offer a wide range of services for everyone. You can cut down on the hassle of scheduling different appointments and can have all of your family’s dental needs addressed at one easy location by the same professional dentist. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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