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Our team at Gateway Dental Care bring knowledge, experience, and passion. We work hard to make sure every client is satisfied with their smile. Get to know us a little more!

Team Member Connie


Dental Hygienist

With many years of experience as a Registered Dental Hygienist, Connie earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of California, Davis in 1994 and then furthered her education at Chabot College with an Associate of Arts degree in Dental Hygiene in 1998.

A dedicated professional, Connie joined Gateway Dental Care in 2016. She is exceptional in every way, treating her clients like her own family and making sure that everyone gets the highest level of dental care. Those who cross her path learn about the values of keeping teeth and gums healthy and the comforts of coming to a dentist. Often, she delivers the most comfortable and thorough cleanings through the use of high tech equipment and available technologies.

Like many others, when Connie is not working she enjoys traveling overseas with her husband and two teenage kids. Otherwise, Connie cherishes her free time by taking her Maltese dog named “Gucci” going for a ride in the stick shift red Mini Cooper while listening to popular K-Pop music. Lastly, what could be more therapeutic than episodes of Korean Dramas? Connie’s favorite activity on her day off is by watching Korean Dramas quietly on a laptop

Gateway Dental Hygienist


Dental Assistant

Janney is our lovely dental assistant and occasional tech support/problem solver. She’s the baby in our group but acts like the grandma, always cautious and concerned.

Janney joined our family in 2015 right from dental assisting school, eager and excited to learn. She’s been an important part of our team ever since.

Aside from loving her work at Gateway Dental Care she also loves her 2 dogs, Freya and Cooper. Just ask her about her dogs and she’ll have a story for you. You can ask her about dentistry also.

Maria Gateway Dental Hygienist


Receptionist &
Financial Coordinator

Maria is our lovely receptionist/insurance expert/financial coordinator and occasional dental assistant. She does it all. (Janney does too)

Maria has known Dr. Kitagawa before she was Dr. Kitagawa. They worked together at another dental practice back in 2004. Both became pregnant and took separate paths. 4 years later Maria was ready to work again and searched out Dr. Kitagawa. She has been at Gateway Dental Care ever since.

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