Dentist For Family

Why Choose One Dentist For Your Family?

California Family DentistChoosing a California family dentist, like Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton, benefits your whole family. Receiving regular dental care is essential for maintaining your oral health, regardless of age. Our office offers family dental care services to patients, young and old, for your convenience.

Saving Time With A Family Dentist

Kids make life worthwhile, but life with little ones can also make things a lot more chaotic and busy. With a never-ending schedule of sporting events, school activities, playdates, appointments, and obligations, it is easy to overextend ourselves.

Let us ease some of that burden with appointments for the entire family in one convenient location. Getting everyone’s dental exams, x-rays, and cleanings done on the same day in the same dentist’s office keeps care on schedule, saves you time, and cuts down on the runaround.

Complete Suite Of Dental Services

While your general dentist may be restricted to working with one specific age group, a family dentist is experienced working with patients of all ages. Our dental staff has the tools, knowledge, and expertise needed to work with every age from very young toddlers to the elderly.

As your family dental office, we provide a full array of dental services with your safety and comfort in mind.

Familiar Faces Make A DIfference

As you come in for care, your children will get to know our staff. These visits help them become more comfortable when receiving their own dental care. They’ve seen your good experience and know there’s nothing to be afraid of.

We Can’t Wait To Get To Know You

Knowing your family’s dental history makes it easier for us to spot potential genetic issues early. We can then offer additional preventative actions to stop or delay the onset of problems.

Our staff can accurately track the oral development of each person in your family in one convenient place. You don’t have to waste time and gas hunting down records.

Convenient, Cost-Effective Care

We can see you, your toddler, your teenager, and your elderly parent or grandparent all in a single trip to our office. There’s no need to run all over town trying to juggle appointments. You can also avoid skipping appointments, which often leads to more expensive problems in the long run.

Make Your Family Dental Appointments Today

At Gateway Dental Care, we offer a variety of family dental care services at our conveniently located Pleasanton, CA, office. Save yourself some time. Contact us today to set up your family’s next dental appointment.

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