Common Dental Problems

Common Dental Problems

Dental Problem ChartAt Gateway Dental Care, we want to help you combat common dental problems both while you’re in and out of our Pleasanton, CA office. We know you’re busy. At your next appointment, our friendly hygienists can help you determine the most efficient at-home care routine to keep your teeth healthy and white while addressing the following common dental issues:

  • Preventing Tooth Decay
  • Reversing Gum Disease
  • Tooth Infection Treatments
  • Tooth Erosion Prevention
  • Tooth Sensitivity Relief

Fight Tooth Decay

When the enamel protecting your teeth starts to decay due to unaddressed plaque build-up, your teeth are susceptible to dental cavities. This common dental issue is one of the number one concerns of the majority of our patients. Along with a deep cleaning at your routine checkup, regular brushing, flossing and consuming less sugar can all help.

Treat & Prevent Gum Disease

Also known as periodontal disease, the bacterial infections associated with gum disease occur when plaque goes unchecked. The same acids that eat through tooth enamel and produce decay also eat away at your gum tissue. They can damage the very ligaments that anchor your teeth in place. This common gum problem has several stages of progression. Fortunately, they can be caught early by your hygienist and addressed with both in office and at home care before serious harm is done.

Tooth Infection & Erosion Help

If your tooth suffers from a fracture, crack or cavity, it can become susceptible to a tooth infection as bacteria enters the space. This type of infection can cause serious damage. It can also cause you a lot of pain. So, the sooner we see it, the better. We can repair the damage and stop the pain.

We can help you spot different ways you might unknowingly be stressing out your tooth enamel. From coffee and soft drinks to wine and starchy foods, we consume various forms of acids that erode our teeth’s protective surfaces every day. We also chew, grind, and brush away at our pearly whites regularly.

When Teeth Hurt

If your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold drinks, cold foods such as ice cream, and even to cold air itself, you most likely have a very common dental concern called tooth sensitivity. This affects millions of people and causes daily discomfort. To help you, we can suggest our favorite sensitive teeth toothpaste and rinses specially formulated to ease this discomfort and bring you relief.

Your Gateway To Good Oral Health

With some attention and regular check-ups, you can easily combat these common dental problems. Let us help you. At Gateway Dental Care, we invite you to call our Pleasanton, CA office to schedule an appointment today.

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