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Here at Gateway Dental Care, we offer both complete and partial dentures in Pleasanton. Dentures will fill gaps where natural teeth are missing and help chewing and eating. Set up an appointment to see which solution is right for you.

What are Complete Dentures?

Pleasanton Ca Dental Bridge Complete dentures are used to replace missing teeth for people with no remaining teeth. As an alternative to complete dentures, we also offer dental implants. Additionally, for people with only a few missing teeth, we suggest a partial denture or an overdenture.

TopA Beautiful & Protected Smile

Comfortable & Functional

Pleasanton Ca Dental Crowns and Bridges Tooth loss may result from periodontal disease, tooth decay, or traumatic injury. We offer dentures to our patients in Pleasanton. It is very important to replace missing teeth. The ill effects of not doing so can be a shift in remaining teeth, an inability to bite and chew properly, as well as a sagging facial appearance, which can makes one appear older than they are. Dentures not only improve the functionality of your teeth but your appearance as well.

Improved Smile & Confidence

Pleasanton Ca Dental Crowns and Bridges The beauty of dentures today is that they are designed to be comfortable and functional. They are very similar in appearance to natural teeth, and can improve a smile or facial appearance. For more information, contact Dr. Kitagawa to discuss your options.