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Digital Dental Impressions

Digital Dental ImpressionsAt Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton, we offer dental impressions for your convenience and comfort. Traditional impressions of your natural bite are how dentists have been custom fitting crowns, bridges, and veneers for many years. Digital scanning is a new way to perform a dental impression.

Advantages Of New Laser Dental Scanners

Digital impressions are easier for both the patient and the dentist by providing the most accurate dental impressions possible. Scanning your teeth with a laser measuring instrument, the process of customized digital dental impressions outweighs the negatives of the traditional technique.

Benefits of digital impressions consist of:

  • More Accurate Fittings
  • No Flavored Dental Putty (Alginate)
  • Saves Time In The Chair
  • Instant Visual For Patient’s Engagement
  • Eco-Friendly, Green Dentistry Products
  • Simplified Recordkeeping

Out With The Old Traditional Dental Impressions

An unpleasant but standard process, traditional impressions are nobodies favorite procedure for several reasons. The worst part is having a mouth full of putty for several minutes. The gooey substance, known as alginate, has to be held in the mouth for nearly five minutes.

Now, there’s no reason to put yourself through the gag of grape flavored goop. We offer you a better alternative with dental impressions.

Cutting Edge Accuracy For Better Care

Dental impressions have reached a new peak in accuracy. The scanner creates a virtual 3D replica of the mouth’s soft and hard tissues using state-of-the-art laser technology. With an improved way to measure a correct dental impression in less time, less mess, and increased comfort, these new scanners are the best choice for fitting veneers, bridges, crowns, and more.

Saving You Time

Sitting in the chair with the traditional dental putty is not only uncomfortable; it also takes more time than a digital laser impression. Both you and the dentist can view the instant on-screen scans as they are happening and discuss the next steps of your care.

Get Your Digital Dental Impressions

For digital impressions in Pleasanton, contact our office at Gateway Dental Care today. Make your appointment and get your dental care needs taken care of quickly and reliably with the utmost care.

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