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Too Many TeethIf you’re suffering from complications of hyperdontia in Pleasanton and are eager to treat this uncomfortable condition, Gateway Dental Care invites you to visit our friendly Pleasanton dentist office. We specialize in quality dental care with a gentle touch and make our patients’ comfort our top priority. Don’t let extra teeth continue to cause you unnecessary discomfort and other substantial problems when treatment is only a phone call away.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Hyperdontia, or supernumerary teeth, means a person has too many teeth in his or her mouth, and it can cause significant problems. Jist some of these may include:

  • Problems Eating Food
  • Crowding Other Teeth
  • Delayed Tooth Development
  • Cyst Or Tumor Development

In addition to social discomfort, an extra tooth can displace your regular teeth and cause poor dental alignment. Tooth crowding may make it difficult to eat food and clean between the individual teeth, leading to bacterial build-up and eventual decay.

Don’t Wait To Treat Your Hyperdontia

Hyperdontia can also contribute to delayed tooth development, and may increase the risk of cysts or tumor development. Because of this, Gateway Dental Care highly encourages patients to schedule a treatment as soon as possible.

What Causes Excess Teeth?

Dentists agree that genetics plays a strong role in the expression of hyperdontia. In some instances, however, the eruption of excess teeth is associated with other conditions such as Ehler-Danos, Gardner syndrome, and cleft palates.

Hyperdontia Treatment In Pleasanton

Whatever the cause of your hyperdontia, the experienced team at our dentist office in Pleasanton can treat this condition by removing the extra tooth or teeth. In some cases, such as when the extra tooth is below the gums, surgical extraction will be performed. For people who have a fear of these types of oral procedures, our expertise in nitrous oxide and oral sedation dentistry will ensure that your treatment is as gentle and comfortable as possible.

Quality Of Life Restored

Let Gateway Dental Care help restore comfort and bring back your quality of life. Using modern techniques and personalized care that recognizes the individual needs of each patient, Dr. Kitagawa and her team of dental professionals will determine the severity of your hyperdontia and develop a treatment plan that’s best for you. Contact our Pleasanton, CA dentist office today and set up an appointment to discover your options.

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