Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards In Pleasonton
There are many benefits that wearing a mouth guard can provide to patients. At our Pleasanton dentist office we offer mouth guards to protect the mouth from injury and stop grinding of the teeth. At Gateway Dental care, we provide both night guards to help stop teeth grinding during the night and mouth guards to keep athletes jaws safe during rough sports.

Sports Mouth Guards

Mouth guards can be very beneficial to athletes and people who casually play sports. When playing rough sports, injuries sometimes occur. The most important part of your body to protect is obviously the head and the face. A helmet works great to protect the skull and brain from injury, but a helmet is not able to protect the face. Wearing a mouth guard can prevent facial and jaw injuries. Dr. Kitagawa offers innovative custom fitted mouth guards in Pleasanton.

Getting a mouth guard that is properly fitted can help you avoid breaking your teeth and getting other painful injuries. A mouth guard is able to prevent many injuries that can occur during sports, like lip injuries, tongue injuries, broken teeth, face injuries and injuries to the jaw. As long as your mouth guard is properly fitted, you should have no problems with it falling out of place.

Night Guards For Teeth Grinding

Pleasanton Mouth GuardsIt is actually very common to suffer from a condition that is called “bruxism” or grinding of the teeth. Many more people suffer from it than they may realize, as it usually occurs at night. You may have this condition and not even know about it because bruxism can occur when you are completely sound asleep, with no idea that it is even going on.

Grinding your teeth will eventually wear away the hard outer layer of enamel. This will expose the inner layer that is a bit softer, called the dentin. Exposure of the dentin can cause tooth sensitivity. Grinding your teeth can lead to cracked teeth and can also cause any fillings or crowns you may have to loosen up or fall out.

If you have Bruxism, the best solution to prevent ruining your teeth is to wear a night guard when you are asleep at night. A night guard looks similar to a horseshoe in shape, and it is much like a retainer. It is plastic with very shallow borders and it is usually worn on the upper arch of the mouth. Night guards are designed to not only be comfortable to sleep in, but to also be very effective at preventing grinding of the teeth. A night guard will provide a comfortable cushion that will separate your upper and lower teeth to stop teeth grinding. For night guards in Pleasanton give Gateway Dental Care a call.


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