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Root Canals

TopPleasanton, CA Root Canal Dentistry

Professional and Comfortable Root Canal Therapy

If you believe that you may need a root canal in Pleasanton, visit Gateway Dental Care as soon as possible. If you have teeth that have become deeply infected, there is no treatment more vital than the root canal procedure. When your tooth’s pulp chamber has become decayed and gone an extended amount of time without professional treatment, the infection is allowed to spread to other areas of the mouth, causing swelling in those sensitive areas and can cause bone loss around the root and base of your tooth. A root canal stops the spread of infection by simply removing the pulp and nerve from your decaying tooth. The “pulp” is the soft area within your tooth that contains the nerve.

The nerve or pulp of your tooth can be damaged in a number of ways, including:

  • Deep tooth decay or damage
  • Cracking or chipping of your tooth
  • Multiple dental procedures on a single tooth
TopRoot Canals in Pleasanton, CA

What to Expect at Gateway Dental Care

Root canal procedures begin with an X-ray to check for damage in surrounding teeth. Our professional staff will then apply a local anesthesia to ensure that you are comfortable and not feeling pain during your procedure. A small hole is then drilled and the pulp and decayed tissue are removed. The tooth will then be cleaned and sealed with a rubber compound, almost like a filling. Because a tooth that requires a root canal procedure has most likely endured a great deal of damage from the infected pulp, the tooth may need further restoration and protection from a crown.

We understand that any dental procedure can be a bit uncomfortable for a patient, so we go to great lengths to help you feel comfortable leading up to and immediately after your root canal procedure. If you have any questions about a potential root canal or are experiencing dental discomfort, contact the professional staff at Gateway dental care. We’ll take the time to evaluate your personal situation and recommend the proper procedure and dental care to keep your smile beautiful long into the future.