Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth PleasantonGateway Dental Care in Pleasanton, California provides treatments to reduce tooth sensitivity, using the latest technologies and methods to ensure patients have the best possible dental care available. Dr. Francine Kitagawa, D.D.S., and her staff of dental professionals use a comprehensive approach to treating sensitive teeth. We believe that prevention, maintenance, and education are the key to alleviating tooth sensitivity.

What is Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is caused by the gradual exposure of the softer part of the tooth under the tooth enamel called dentin. Dentin contains tiny channels that have fluid-filled nerve endings. Dentin hypersensitivity or tooth discomfort occurs when the dentin is exposed and reacts to things like cold air, hot or cold food and drinks, and sweet foods and beverages.

Causes &  Tips to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

Many factors can contribute to sensitive teeth. Gum disease, also known as gingivitis, can cause the gum line to weaken, resulting in tooth and gum sensitivity. More of the underlying dentin root surface is exposed once the gum lines become sensitive. Tooth decay and plaque build-up can also lead to sensitive teeth. Gateway Dental Care can help you alleviate these problems. We encourage our patients to visit our Pleasanton office every six months for a routine oral examination. These examinations will guide us in providing a comprehensive dental treatment plan for you. During these exams, we will educate you about the cause of your tooth sensitivity, and teach you about the things you can do at home to reduce the problem. We will also advise you of the best dental procedure to correct the situation when necessary.


Brushing too hard and too frequently with a hard-bristled toothbrush can cause tooth sensitivity. Over time, this practice will lead to tooth enamel erosion and receding gum lines, causing further exposure of the dentin. Gateway Dental Care recommends using a soft-bristle, precision tailored toothbrush to alleviate this problem. Gateway Dental Care will teach you the proper techniques for brushing and flossing your teeth as part of your routine dental examination.


Use of certain tooth whitening products and abrasive toothpastes can also contribute to sensitive teeth. Ingredients found in some tooth whitening pastes and sodium pyrophosphate, the key ingredient in tartar-control toothpastes, often cause tooth sensitivity. Long-term use of mouthwash containing acids can also worsen the problem. Gateway Dental Care recommends using fluoridated dental products, including toothpastes formulated for sensitive teeth and fluoridated mouth rinses.

Acidic Foods

Eating acidic foods and drinks can also cause dentin sensitivity. Studies show that foods and beverages with high acid content, such as citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes, pickles, and teas, can wear down your dental enamel. The staff of Gateway Dental Care educates Pleasanton patients about maintaining a proper diet, teaching you which foods and drinks to avoid in order to alleviate your tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Grinding

You may also experience deterioration of surface tooth enamel if you grind your teeth in your sleep or clench your teeth throughout the day. Tooth grinding can expose the underlying dental layer of your tooth. Once the enamel has deteriorated you may experience tooth sensitivity. During your dental examination at our Pleasanton office, Gateway Dental Care will recommend ways to help you eliminate tooth grinding.

Tooth Sensitivity Dental Procedures

Gateway Dental Care believes that practicing good oral hygiene, maintaining a balanced diet and having regular dental checkups will go a long way in preventing tooth sensitivity problems. However, in some cases additional in-office dental treatments may be necessary to help solve your tooth sensitivity issue. Gateway Dental Care offers our Pleasanton patients a variety of procedures to combat tooth sensitivity, including long-lasting, cost effective acrylic sealants, fluoride treatments, bonding, and fillings.

Gateway Dental Care’s skilled practitioners will gently apply dentin sealers or fluoride varnishes to your exposed root surfaces. These treatments are performed using the most comfortable techniques available to ensure a pain-free experience. We also specialize in applying white fillings or bonding, to cover exposed root surfaces. This treatment provides a long-term solution that will eliminate your pain and add to the beauty of your smile.

Help For Tooth Sensitivity In Pleasanton

The Gateway Dental Care staff will take time to listen to your needs and explain the treatments that are best for your tooth sensitivity issues. Our office offers a variety of affordable dental care services with payment options to fit your budget, and we accept most major dental insurance plans. If you are looking for convenient, effective, and painless dental care solutions in the Pleasanton area, Gateway Dental Care will provide you with tooth sensitivity treatments that give you immediate results. We make it easy to keep your beautiful smile feeling good, always and everywhere you go!

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