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Silver Diamine Flouride Treatment

fluoride-treatmentAt Gateway Dental Care, we are excited to announce the availability of silver diamine fluoride treatment to our Pleasanton, CA child patients. This dental technology allows for cavity and tooth decay prevention in children, without any invasive techniques like drilling. Our talented and experienced team looks forward to showing you why silver diamine fluoride treatment is the new choice in comfort for little ones who may be nervous about needing a cavity filled.

Benefits Of Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment

Silver diamine fluoride or SDF is a relatively new care option. Within a few seconds, this liquid stops cavities and bacteria in their tracks. It is particularly useful in children with dental needs that would regularly call for more intensive dental procedures, like fillings. Some benefits that make this an attractive option for treating cavities and tooth decay include the following:

  • Cheaper Than Alternatives
  • No Loud Drill Noises
  • No Shots Or Sedation
  • Quick And Painless
  • Stress And Worry Free
  • Positive Office Experience
  • Treats & Prevents Cavities
  • Kills Tooth Decaying Bacteria

No Shots, No Drills

By eliminating the need for local anesthesia, drilling, and longer visits, SDF treatment also helps children going to the dentist have a much more positive experience and reduce the anxiety that comes with a regular visit. The only minor inconvenience with SDF treatment is any decayed areas where it is applied will darken in color to brown or black. This dark stain will not affect any healthy teeth or enamel and can be treated at a later time. This comfortable, painless procedures= can help calm the fears of going to the dentist for your little ones, and has the added benefit of giving you as parents some peace of mind too. In cases of larger areas of decay where a crown or filling will eventually be needed, applying silver diamine fluoride prevents further damage, so younger children can mature before undergoing these procedures.

Easy & Affordable

Silver diamine fluoride treatment is simply brushed on and starts working in a matter of seconds. It stops existing tooth decay from spreading to other areas of the mouth and prevents further decay of the affected teeth. Because we are not having to remove infected tooth enamel and replace it with filling material, SDF is more affordable than other procedures.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment Now In Pleasanton

Don’t worry any longer about your child having a bad experience at the dentist. Contact Dr. Kitagawa and the team at Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton, California to make an appointment for silver diamine fluoride treatment or a consultation to learn more. We can explain more in detail about this FDA approved noninvasive quick procedure and assess whether it is a good fit for your child. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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