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Smoking & Vaping: How Do They Affect Your Teeth?

Smoking & Vaping Teeth DamageWhen you have questions about how smoking and vaping affect your teeth, what better source is there to reach out to than Gateway Dental Care, your quality family dentist right here in Pleasanton, California? We all know that smoking is bad for your health, but not many people talk about the effects of this habit on your oral health. Believe it or not, nicotine use, whether vaped or smoked, can damage your smile.


How Smoking Affects Your Teeth

The best-known effect of smoking is cancer, particularly oral cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, about 90% of people with oral cancer are smokers. But that’s not the only threat smokers face. Here are other ways that smoking is bad for your teeth and mouth:

  • Stains Your Teeth
  • Produces Bad Breath
  • Dulls Your Sense Of Taste
  • Makes Chewing Painful
  • Leads To Tooth Decay & Tooth Loss
  • Can Cause Red, Bleeding Gums

How Vaping Affects Your Teeth

Many have labeled vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. The biggest reasons they give is that e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco and produce gas or vapor instead of second-hand smoke. As a result, vapers avoid many of the harmful side effects of tobacco and tobacco smoke.

Please remember that vaping is new. So, scientists are still studying e-cigarettes and the health risks they pose. It’s also important to note that most vape juice contains nicotine, and we do know that nicotine can harm your mouth. Here are some of the oral problems caused by nicotine:

  • Makes Gums Pull Away From Your Teeth
  • Masks Signs Of Gum Disease
  • Causes Gums To Swell And Become Tender
  • Intensifies Tooth Grinding
  • Makes Teeth More Sensitive

Avoid Tooth Problems With Regular Care

If you vape or smoke and are concerned about your oral health, schedule an appointment with us today. Regular dental care is critical in order to catch problems early and address them before they grow. At Gateway Dental Care, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures and preventative dental treatments like tooth whitening and oral cancer checks. Our professionals have the tools and expertise to address your specific problems and help keep your smile bright, your breath fresh, and your mouth healthy.

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