Snore Guards

Snore Guards

Snore Guard PleasantonIf you’re ready to improve your quality of sleep by introducing a custom-made snore guard to your nightly routine, then Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton, California is here to help. Snoring is a regular phenomenon affecting approximately 45% of men and 30% of women. About 25% of people suffering from the effects of snoring are considered habitual snorers.

This nighttime disruption is robbing you – and those near you – of precious deep sleep and potentially leaving you to struggle with headaches, fatigue, concentration problems and depression. This is where a snore guard can help.

Snore Guards & How They Work

No wires, no screws, no bands and no surgery. Can something so simple and unassuming looking as this one-piece solution actually have a big impact on the way you sleep? The answer is easy: yes, it can – and does. The snore guard is an FDA approved technique that works by moving the lower jaw forward, opening the back of the throat to prevent the soft tissues (tongue, uvula, upper throat, and soft palate) from pressing together and restricting the passage of air. When pressed together the soft tissues create friction and reduced airflow, which produces the vibrations and classic snoring noise many of us know all too well.

Snore Guards Are Easy Fitting

Snore guards need to be professionally fitted by your dentist and at Gateway Dental Care; we will evaluate and fit a custom guard that’s perfect for your mouth. It’s a comfortable, one-piece solution formed to sit snugly over your top teeth for an easy fit. There are no uncomfortable wires to get in the way, no unnerving screws, and no snappy elastic bands. Overall, it’s a design that is elegant in its simplicity and life-changing in its effectiveness and comfort.

How Effective Are Snore Guards

Clinical research has demonstrated compelling evidence to show just how effective snore guards are. 99% of users surveyed reported reduced snoring and 50% reported their snoring was eliminated. In addition, 80% reported that sleep disturbances decreased with usage and that their sleep quality was significantly improved. All this from a simple guard that can be fitted in 15 minutes!

Improve Your Sleep Quality Today

You too can benefit from snore guard technology. Improve your sleep by contacting Gateway Dental Care for more information about getting a snore guard. Call us today and we can set up an appointment to help you take back your sleep and get the rest you deserve.

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