Sugar Bad For Teeth

Is Sugar Really Bad For Your Teeth?

Sugar destroys the tooth enamel and leads to tooth decay. Sugar cubes are laid out in the form of a tooth on a blue background.

Your Pleasanton California dentists at Gateway Dental Care know there’s no denying that most everybody craves and loves some form of sugar. So, at some point, we’ve all heard the warnings about sugar and our teeth. But does sugar really cause cavities? We’re here to help you get to the bottom of this well-known piece of advice so you can keep your teeth healthy.

Is Sugar The Real Enemy?

It’s a part of our pleasure receptors that many of us cannot deny forever, especially during most any recognized holiday. Sugars, starches, and carbohydrates, however, increase acidic levels of our mouths and feed bacteria. This encourages rapid bacterial growth on your teeth. The most common and severe side effects of sugar on your teeth can include:

  • Increased Chances Of Gum Disease
  • The Destruction Of Tooth Enamel
  • Halitosis (Bad Breath)
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Heart Disease

Sugar Affects Your Teeth & Overall Health In Many Ways

You may have a habit of putting a bit of sugar in your coffee or adding sweetener to your morning oatmeal, but if you’re not taking proper care of your teeth afterward, the possibilities of painful cavities are almost inevitable. With so many American’s drinking sodas as the preferred beverage, the concern of many dentists and doctors isn’t the calories as much as tooth decay and gum problems which are known to affect various parts of the body from your brain, to your blood, all the way to your heart.

Taking Steps To Avoid Tooth And Gum Problems

If you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle and wish to avoid cavities and tooth damage caused by sugar, then begin by assessing your diet. Avoiding hard candies, sweet gums, and soda is only the first step in keeping cavities away. You don’t have to give up sugars, starches, or carbs completely to have a healthy bright smile with white pearly teeth. Try to keep sugary treats closer to nighttime so that you are sure to brush and floss afterward, for example.

Protect Your Teeth With Healthier Habits

It’s almost impossible to totally eliminate sugar. Cutting down on certain types of sugary products over time can be a more comfortable solution. Replacing them with healthier choices and better oral health practices is just as important. Be sure to keep up with your biannual dental cleaning and regular checkups in order to catch problems early and get the best advice possible from your dentist on how to keep your teeth healthy.

Schedule Your Dental Checkup For Healthy Teeth Today

Call us at Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton today to schedule you and your family for regular cleanings and checkups. We want to help you keep your family smiling pretty and pain-free regardless of how much sugar is in your diets. We look forward to serving you with the best dental care in California.

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