Teeth Sensitivity Hot Cold

Teeth Sensitivity To Hot & Cold

Teeth SensitivityAt Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton, CA we know just how painful teeth sensitivity can be. If the thought of drinking an ice-cold beverage or enjoying a hot cup of coffee makes you cringe, you’re not alone. Around 45 million Americans suffer from this surprisingly treatable condition.

The Root Of The Problem

What causes the teeth to be sensitive to hot or cold temperatures? Enamel erodes, and the underlying layer is exposed causing it to be reactive to stimulation. Microscopic cracks can also occur on the surface of a tooth over time due to expanding enamel. These cracks allow underlying nerves to be activated by hot or cold food and beverages.

Preventing Tooth Sensitivity

A lot of people incorrectly assume that there’s no way to alleviate tooth sensitivity, but it can be effectively managed when you follow a few important steps:

  • Use toothpaste specifically formulated for sensitive teeth. These kinds of toothpaste have a cumulative effect, so it’s important to use for a few weeks to see results.
  • Avoid sodas and acidic foods (anything with a concentrated amount of tomatoes or citrus, for example). These foods and beverages have been found to exacerbate tooth sensitivity.
  • Use an extra-soft bristled brush and gentle brushing motions. Too much vigorous brushing can wear down enamel over the root’s surface, making your teeth more reactive to hot and cold.
  • Consider an in-office treatment such as desensitizing or protective coating for more extreme cases of tooth sensitivity.

Working With A Dentist You Trust

Sometimes teeth pain can persist for extended periods of time without relief. If you’ve been experiencing pain for more than three days and are sensitive to both hot and cold foods, it’s time to reach out to a dental professional. Sometimes tooth pain can be the result of something more involved such as a cavity or abscess and it’s vital to your health (and comfort) to know what is causing the pain. At Gateway Dental in Pleasanton, we welcome you to experience the gentle, professional methods of Dr. Kitagawa. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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