Teething Baby Tips

Teething Tips for Your Baby

First Tooth In A Child.At Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton, CA, we would like to share some safe teething tips for your baby. Having remedies on hand for gentle pain relief is so helpful when it comes to baby’s sore gums around teething time.

Uh-Oh, It’s Teething Time

When your baby reaches six months of age, their first teeth start to appear. This can turn even the happiest baby into a cranky bundle of tears. Some of the best remedies for fussy babies include these teething tips:

  • Provide Lots Of Cuddles
  • Distract Them With Toys
  • Freeze Safe Objects & Foods
  • Keep Your Baby’s Face Dry
  • Make Homemade Milk Popsicles
  • Wear Baby-Safe Jewelry
  • Administer Gum Massages

Teething Pain Is Hard On Everyone

Even though teething doesn’t last forever, 31 months of it can be difficult for both parents and children. Sometimes the best comfort to a teething baby is hugs, playful attention or a gentle gum massage.

Comfort Baby With Distraction & Prevention

Breastfeeding and calm activities that distract your baby from the pain can help. During this time, it’s also essential to keep little faces dry to avoid rashes from forming and adding more discomfort.

Give Them Something To Smile About

If you don’t have a store-bought freezable teething toy on hand, freeze fruits such as apple slices. You can also make homemade popsicles from breast milk, baby formula, or purees for a yummy treat that also reduces teething pain.

Other simple, household objects to freeze for teething include spoons or a damp, textured washcloth. Both the spoon and cloth can also be used to massage gums. Whatever objects you freeze, make sure they are safe and cleaned after each use.

Massaging Sore Gums

In times when there is nothing around for your baby to safely chew on, the slight pressure of a clean, cold finger against swollen gums can help relieve some of the pain. It’s a soothing remedy you always have on hand.

Always remember to wash your hands before massaging your baby’s gums. There are oral gel pain relievers that you can use to lessen swollen sore gums, but make sure only to use products certified for babies mouths.

A Family Dentist For Your Teething Baby

Many first time parents wonder when it’s the appropriate time to take the baby to the dentist. The answer is: as soon as they start teething. Make an appointment with Dr. Kitagawa at Gateway Dental Care today. A checkup at our Pleasanton office helps make sure everything is progressing normally.

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