Toothache Treatment

Toothache Treatment

Toothaches PleasantonGive us a call to schedule an immediate appointment if you are suffering from a severe toothache. Depending on the cause of a toothache, the treatment options will vary from case to case, and patient to patient. If a cavity is causing a toothache, the treatment options will be different from treating a chipped tooth or wisdom tooth pain. When you visit Gateway Dental Care, you will learn which of the many toothache treatment options are appropriate for your condition. As a nitrous oxide and oral sedation dentist, we have many options to alleviate your pain.


If you have a cavity which is causing the pain, a filling might be required. If your tooth has become infected or is severely decayed, the best solution might be a root canal. When you come in for treatment, we will assess your teeth, find the cavity, and determine which type of filling is the best option to deal with that toothache.


Although this is a common problem, certain patients will experience sensitivity to cold or hot food or drinks. This can also cause discomfort and pain. Depending on what is causing the sensitivity, how deep it affects the tooth, and what kind of pain the patient is in, will determine what type of treatment is appropriate.


This can be a result of many things. Those who grind their teeth might have worn the dentin off, and will be in pain; the solution here might be a fitted night guard. Others might have a chipped tooth, or other cosmetic issues. Depending on the cause of the pain, the treatment option will vary. If a patient has an abscessed tooth or gum disease, these are also things which might cause pain.

Personalized Care

Since there are so many possible causes which lead to a toothache, the toothache treatment options are going to vary for each patient. When you visit Gateway Dental Care, not only will you learn about the cause of the pain, you are also going to have the best dentist describe the treatment options and plans that are best for your particular situation, and pain. If you are suffering from a toothache in Pleasanton, give us a call.

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