Crowded Teeth

Crowded Teeth Treatment Options

Crowded Teeth OptionsIn order to meet your unique needs, you’ll find a variety of treatment options for crowded teeth at Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton, CA. Maybe you’ve noticed a small overlap in your teeth, or perhaps it’s time to straighten that crooked smile. Whatever the case may be, we will find a solution that’s the perfect fit for you.

Fixing Your Crowded Teeth

While we offer many solutions to fix overcrowded teeth, the one that’s best for you will depend on many factors. A thorough consultation in our office will let us know how severe the crowding is, how many teeth are affected, and how much they overlap. After your initial visit, the dentist will explain which options meet your specific needs.

  • Dental Contouring Or Reshaping
  • Dental Veneers
  • Lumineers
  • ClearCorrect Tooth Aligners
  • Tooth Extraction (Pulling Teeth)

Treating Minor Overlaps & Major Crowding

For minor overlaps, shaving and reshaping the teeth is usually all that’s necessary to achieve the perfect smile. Veneers and Lumineers can permanently disguise imperfections. For significant overcrowding, we offer ClearCorrect — a practically invisible alternative to braces. Sometimes, a person’s mouth is too small to fit all of their teeth or they have extra teeth, so teeth may need to be pulled in order to relieve crowding.

Fix Your Teeth For More Than Looks

Fixing crowded teeth has obvious cosmetic benefits, but it can also improve your oral health too. Overlapping teeth are difficult to clean; this can lead to tooth decay. Crowded teeth is often a symptom of a faulty bite, which can create problems chewing and speaking. Badly misaligned bites can also cause jaw pain due to constant clenching. All in all, correcting crowded teeth gives you a healthier mouth as well as a pretty smile.

We’re Committed To Quality Care In CA

At Gateway Dental Care, we are committed to providing high-quality care with a gentle touch. Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment. We can’t wait to work with you on transforming your smile into a healthy one that you just love to show off. Find out about your treatment options for crowded teeth at our Pleasanton office.

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