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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental X-Rays PleasantonIf you’ve ever wondered if dental x-rays are safe, at Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton, California, we want to help you find the answers you’re looking for. Dental x-rays use low levels of radiation to take pictures of the inside of your teeth and gums.

Getting regular dental x-rays is a crucial part of your oral health, just like brushing and flossing.

Why Are X-Rays Important?

Dental x-rays are an essential diagnostic tool for dentists. The pictures allow them to check for abnormalities and catch problems before they become more challenging to treat.

Some dentist offices perform x-rays in the same room as cleanings. Other offices have a separate room for this procedure.

Types Of Dental X-Rays

Intraoral x-rays are the most common kind. Our friendly hygienists will walk you through the entire procedure for each type of image your dentist may need.

  • Bitewing
  • Occlusal
  • Panoramic
  • Periapical

One type of intraoral x-ray is a bitewing. Your dentist will use this image to check your bite and look for interdental cavities between your teeth. An occlusal x-ray lets dentists see how well your upper and lower teeth line up and identify possible anatomical issues with your mouth.

A panoramic x-ray is a type of full mouth x-ray that is used to investigate jaw problems, check wisdom teeth, and plan for implanted devices. Periapical x-rays, on the other hand, focus on a single pair of complete teeth from root to crown.

How Often Should I Get X-Rays?

Typically, dental x-rays are taken yearly. Your dentist may perform them more often if she is monitoring a dental problem or tracking the progress of particular treatments.

This procedure is often part of a new patient’s first checkup, especially if we don’t have films or files from your previous dentist. These current images will help us see a clearer, fuller picture of your dental health.

Your Safety & Risks

All x-rays involve radiation, but a dental x-ray utilizes such low levels that children and adults should not experience any side effects. If your dentist uses digital x-rays, the radiation levels are even lower. Your dentist will ask you to wear a lead vest during the procedure to prevent exposure to your vital organs.

Pregnant women are often concerned about the potential dangers of dental x-rays. If you are or believe you might be pregnant, please inform your dentist so she can take the proper precautions or postpone non-essential x-ray exposure.

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