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Dental Check Up, Cleaning & X-Rays

Having optimal dental health is necessary for your overall health. Not taking care of your teeth can lead to cavities, plaque build up and gum diseases, and it can also cause problems for you entire body. That’s why Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton is here to take care of many of your dental issues.

Pleasanton Dental Check UpsDental Check Ups

Whether you have been put on a specific regiment for cleaning you’re teeth or you need to come back for the dentist to evaluate your progress, Gateway Dental Care also offers check ups to its clients. By coming back to the same dentist again and again, the professionals will become familiar with you and your unique situation. Regardless of whether or not you have a serious oral health problem, it’s important to get regular check ups. Of course, the best method of fixing a problem is through prevention or, at the least, early detection. Get your check ups, and do not let a problem become so severe that it winds up entirely compromising your health.

Teeth Cleaning

Our Pleasanton dentist office provides teeth cleanings, which should be done on a regular basis to avoid the build up of plaque and other substances in your mouth. Brushing your teeth and flossing regularly is important, but these methods cannot give you as deep of a cleaning as professional ones. Furthermore, after your teeth cleaning, you can discuss the best methods for cleaning your teeth at home with your dentist. Utilizing the proper brushing and flossing methods are critical for maintaining your oral health.


Sometimes, dental problems can go beyond what the professional can see in on the surface; therefore, oral x-rays are sometimes necessary. We can identify problems with the structure of the teeth or decay issues that are working from the inside through the use of an X-ray. Once the issue has been identified, a proper course of treatment can commence. An x-ray may also be necessary if you were in an accident and potentially sustained injuries to your teeth. Even when you don’t feel any pain on the outside of your mouth, you don’t know the potential for trouble that could be lurking inside.

In additional to provide quality care, Gateway Dental is a place that you can trust because of our trained professionals. Our team truly has your best intentions in mind and has been trained to offer you the optimal assistance for your dental health. For dental check ups, cleanings and x-rays give our Pleasanton dentist office a call and set up an appointment.