Replace Missing Teeth

Replacing Missing Teeth

Replace Missing TeethDr. Francine Kitagawa and the staff at Gateway Dental Care are experts in replacing missing teeth in Pleasanton and surrounding areas. Dentures and dental implants are the two most common methods we use to replace teeth. With these forms of tooth replacement, we can ensure that your smile looks great and maintaining your new smile is simple. Visit our dental office in Pleasanton for a checkup and to find out more about how we can help with replacing missing teeth.

Tooth Replacement Procedures

When there are only one or a few missing teeth needing replacement, dental implants are created as a permanent crown that is fused to the bone for a natural look and feel. Depending on the number of teeth needing replacement, there are several different dental implant techniques available, including all-on-four implants, multiple implants, and single-tooth implants. Schedule a consultation with us to find out which dental implants are right for you.

Different Types Of Dentures Available

Dentures are a popular option for replacing missing teeth. You can have complete dentures created to replace all of your teeth or partial dentures to replace a section of missing teeth. We make dentures in either the conventional method or the immediate way. When using the traditional method, teeth are removed and about 8-12 weeks later the dentures are inserted and are meant as a long-term solution for tooth replacement.

Immediate dentures can be created in advance before the teeth are completely removed and positioned immediately after the removal. The benefit of immediate dentures is that the wearer will not have to be without teeth during the healing process. The disadvantage of immediate dentures is that they require more adjustments in order for the dentures to fit properly. Immediate dentures should be considered only as a temporary solution to traditional dentures.

Partial dentures are primarily used when teeth remain on the upper or lower jaw and dentures are used to create a bridge between the teeth. The bridge is cemented in place and helps to keep the remaining teeth secure, so they do not change position. Precision partial dentures are also available as a removable option with internal attachments that latch onto crowns.

Dental Implants Are Another Option

Dental implants are a popular and effective alternative to dentures. They are used permanently to support cemented bridges, alleviating the need for dentures. Dental implants can be slightly more expensive than dentures, but they provide a more realistic and natural feel closer to that of real teeth. This method is not always an option, so it is best to visit our office to have Dr. Kitagawa examine your teeth to determine if this may be an option for you, or if getting dentures is a more appropriate option.

Call Gateway Dental Care in Pleasanton to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kitagawa. After she assesses your situation, she will help you to decide which option is most appropriate for the replacement of your missing teeth.

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