Restorative Care

Restorative Dental Care

Restorative Dental CareIf you live in the Pleasanton area and find your teeth in need of restorative care, come experience the quality treatment and gentle touch of Gateway Dental Care. We provide personalized treatment for families and individuals of all ages in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

What Is Restorative Dental Care?

If your teeth have been damaged or you are suffering from some form of decay, you can restore your teeth to their original appearance. Restorative dental procedures vary based on the individual needs and the problem being remedied. Most times restoration care is necessary for your oral health, although these techniques sometimes overlap with cosmetic dentistry techniques, because of the ability (and patient desire) to alter and improve the overall appearance. For the best results, it is important to choose a dentist whose practice also has an emphasis on the cosmetic aspect.

Can Dental Restoration Help Me?

Tooth restoration is a viable option for anyone who has experienced injury, decay or damage to a tooth or teeth. It is easy to underestimate the impact of tooth and gum problems, but our oral health impacts our entire body’s well-being. This makes it an important element of a comprehensive health plan. Because of this, any compromised areas of your mouth and gums require immediate attention to prevent them from becoming larger problems down the road. While the majority of our restoration involves fixing broken, missing, chipped, cracked and damaged teeth, we also can help with misaligned teeth for better, more functional positioning.

What Procedure Will I Need?

Having an initial appointment with Dr. Francine Kitagawa is important to establish the cause or causes of your current condition. Once this has been diagnosed, we can determine the best treatment and discuss your options. Some of the more common types of restoration include:

Get Started Today

Dr. Kitagawa will work with you to develop a comprehensive care plan to restore your smile to a beautiful, natural-looking appearance. If you live in the Pleasanton area, give us a call at Gateway Dental Care to make an appointment. We will help get you on track to optimal oral health.

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